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The Skinny On Our SkinnTea (Iaso Detox Tea)

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Here Is The Skinny On Our SkinnTea!

Here is the skinny on our IASO Tea. Our IASO Tea is a Detox Tea first and far most. Because we as individual eat everyday at least 2 -3 times a day we should be going to the bathroom just as much. Most people don’t drink enough water (minimum 8 – 8oz cups a day or more) so our systems begin to backup and hold on to intestinal sludge. Most of us have carried it around since we were babies starting to eat whole foods. (Do you ever notice how a baby’s output including gas starts to smell like grown folks? ~ lol).

Food begins to settle in and rot in our intestines and we aren’t moving it fast enough sometimes over load of red meat, not enough water, lack of vegetables, etc. It can also be effected by the air we breathe and even the environment we live in. Many people are highly impacted with waste in their system and their intestinal wall have so much sludge that it is like trying to pull wall paper off (and you know how hard that can be). In fact most people carry about 5 – 35 pounds of waste in their system which can also include stones and medals.

Sickness and Disease starts in the gut and we as people feed the flukes, worms, fungus and parasites that exist in our bodies by not properly eliminating at least 3 times a day. So when most people are introduced to IASO Tea they can LOSE 5 POUNDS IN 5 DAYS because they are loosing the waste in that is in their system. They can also see inches disappearing, they have more energy, appetites decreased and more. Some have experienced a headache or cramping when taking the IASO Tea (it has NO LAXATIVES) this can be due to the toxins and metals that are being eliminated that the body has been so addicted too and are now being cleared out don’t be alarmed it does not last and it is a good thing, you didn’t even realize this was going on. Cramping can be caused due to a folded colon due to their current diet drinking IASO Tea Hot Concentrated can help tremendously with this.

Once a person’s body is completely detoxed they can go into maintenance and since our IASO Tea is safe enough for a 5 month to drink a person can drink as much IASO Tea a day as they want.

So That’s The Tip of the Day and the Skinny on the IASO Tea. Now Pour Yourself a Cup and Enjoy!!!!


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